Earthquake Performance Evaluation Tool Online (EPETO)

by Valentin Shustov, Ph.D., P.E., Principal investigator

Recent research in the field of Earthquake engineering gave rise to a non-commercial release of innovative software called Earthquake Performance Evaluation Tool (or EPET). EPET enables experiments with a virtual building on Earthquake protector (or EP) accompanied with simultaneous virtual testing of the identical but fixed-base building. On users' demand, all those concurrent experiments may be animated.

As a continuation of the previous research, this educational Internet site is meant to facilitate potential users' performance and expand the variety of buildings, earthquake exposure and types of seismic control devices. The project, abbreviated as EPETO, has had the following stages:

Stage One

Modify EPET to describe a building model deformation in two orthogonal horizontal directions while an earthquake input in those directions is not, necessarily, the same.


Provide 3-D animation of a seismic loading, use five colors to depict the basic damage categories of the building and visualize its damage or collapse.

Stage two

In addition to the sliding base isolators like, for example, Earthquake protector, provide ability to evaluate the earthquake-protective effect of other types of base isolation.

Stage three

In addition to different types of base isolators, provide ability to evaluate the earthquake-protective effect of seismic dampers installed in a building superstructure.

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